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Yoga Studio at 91 Stevens Pond Rd. in Liberty, Maine
Has officially re-opened!

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Radiant Living Membership

A Library of On-Demand Yoga and Ayurveda Practices and Teachings

Plus, Live monthly meetings and
Community Forum for support throughout the month

Chair Yoga Recordings are now available in the Radiant Living Membership.

December 2023 ONLY!

Yoga  & Ayurveda Workshop Bundle

Save 70% this month only

This $37 offer is available for this month only!

Save 70%!

Two Workshops and Practices: 

Yoga for Sleep ~ and~ Stay Calm & Steady

Yoga practices for any level rich with all the yogic elements that will help prepare you for deep rest. Plus ~   wisdom talks on connecting to the heart:  the source of deep inner wisdom and love.

I hope you’ll join us on this path to wellness and fulfillment. 


Balanced Living During the Late Summer

Balanced Living During the Late Summer

There can be challenging forces at play when August comes especially when the heat continues to be a predominant force. The accumulated heat can cause inflammation and a dry internal environment. We can experience fatigue, overwhelm, and agitation. We also have the...

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Choosing Between the Hard and the Hard

Choosing Between the Hard and the Hard

Here we are in full bloom of summer; a time of high energy and activity. The power of the sun fuels the fire element and propels us to action. The sun gives us strength, vitality, and focus and rules our digestive fire. Clarity and radiance are born from this power....

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Inspiration for Troubling Times

Inspiration for Troubling Times

These troubling times continue on.  So many of us feel the heartache, anger, despair, and overwhelm. We go through our days not quite knowing how to feel or what to do.  My daily practice helps me stay strong and steady. And, I often look to inspirational readings....

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