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Eclipse season is upon us: April 30 thru May 15

The practices will focus on rejuvenation for the whole body, including digestive track, physical and mental balance, and stabilizing our energy.  We will also strengthen the pituitary gland, the master gland, and increase intuition.

Movement, breath practices, chanting and meditation.

Experience a deeper sense of calm.
Recalibrate to help us see solutions and a new perspective with fresh eyes.
Harness the power of this season for the benefit of uplifting ourselves and all those around us.
Break out of old patterns and set a new course.

I love the Kundalini focus of these yoga classes, and your splendid embodiment and teaching. What a pleasure to be with you!”

$15 per class suggested fee. See the links below.

A mix of styles including Kundalini


Modifications for those wanting to practice on the mat

(Free class in partnership with
the Waldo County YMCA)

Do not make payment – Just come!

Easy Steps to Practice Yoga at Home

Step 1: Choose the class or classes you’d like to join from the list above.

Step 2: Pay online by clicking one of the green boxes above.*  The suggested donation for all classes is $15 for a single class, $45 for three classes (such as the Mini Series) or $65 for a series of five classes, both with the option to pay what you can.  Use boxes below to pay online or send check: payable to:  Deborah Keene, 61 Stevens Pond Rd. Liberty, Maine  04949

Step 3: Prepare your space for class. Have your mat, bolsters, and blankets set up before class starts.

Step 4: Feel free to arrive a few minutes early. Just click on the Zoom link above! (and don’t forget to mute yourself during class!)


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