The Radiant Woman

A four month Soul Journey to Reclaim Your
Strength, Confidence, and Innate Wisdom
so you stop looking outside for your self esteem and direction in life


RISE UP! BE YOU! Step fully into your power and create a life you love.

 Radiate a beauty That Shines From Your Soul

A highly personalized program designed just for you that stands out from anything else out there 
Yogic Philosophy ~Kundalini Yoga ~ Ayurvedic Lifestyle ~ Divine Feminine Wisdom 

Does this sound like you?

You want to age gracefully, have more energy, and healthy, glowing skin.

You’ve spent a good part of your life feeling anxious and insecure and can’t figure out what is causing these struggles, much less what to do to change them.

You feel no matter how hard you work to shift unhealthy patterns
it always seem to feel like an uphill battle.

You compare yourself to other women and often end up feeling insecure.

You are trying to cope with feelings of depression, anxiety, and low self-worth
by using food, alcohol or other substances
which only makes you feel worse about yourself.

You are going through a life transition unclear about what’s next.

You are ready to do whatever it takes to feel good about yourself
and create the life you have always wanted.

This is where individualized support can help.

A Program of self mastery

This is the Next Evolution in Your Healing Journey
Create Lasting Transformations in your Life
Overcome Challenges in Your Relationships, Personal Obstacles, and Current Crisis

Photo by Sharyn Peavey Photography

“A cowgirl is a rare blend of grit and grace, toughness and tenderness, power and feminity.”  -Unknown

Hi! I’m Deborah.

I am a Yoga Teacher, Ayurvedic Practitioner, and Mentor for Women with 40 years experience teaching and working one on one with women.

I get your desire to finally be free of anxiety, insecurity, and everything else that has held you back. I, too, have struggled with insecurities, my health, and feeling stuck and confused in my life and not knowing what to do or even where to start.

I used various forms of addiction to help me cope. I suffered greatly inside for many years.

My journey down this path of natural health and healing began with natural skincare when I was 15.
I started to turn my life around when I began my studies in earnest of Yoga and Ayurveda in the early 1980’s. Today I am happy and healthy: living my dream life in the country with my horses and my family all close by and serving others in my unique way.

I have built a soul aligned business doing what I love – helping women to love themselves just as they are.

If you would like to be guided by a seasoned elder with a gutsy cowgirl spirit and has been on this path for over 50 years and has used pain and struggles as a catalyst for growth and transformation, please reach out.


My passion is helping women like you be free of all that is in your way of living an epic life.

Can You Relate? 

You often feel anxious and insecure about yourself.

You are tired of being held back by negative thoughts and limiting beliefs.

You are afraid to make decisions even when you know what you want.

You are in a life transition and unsure of your next steps.

You struggle with addictive tendencies which only makes you feel worse about yourself.

You compare yourself to other women and often end up feeling insecure.

You know you need to make a change and are ready yet don’t know where to start?

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Imagine if you could Finally love yourself and your life!

Then you would:

√  Wake up each morning feeling happy and inspired about your day.

√  Feel good about who you are.

√  Have the clarity and courage to make tough decisions.

√  Trust your intuition to know what is right for you.

√  Let go of self-defeating patterns and replace with positive daily habits.

√  Take a stand on your behalf and speak your truth.

√  Know what foods, herbs, lifestyle and yoga practices you need on a daily basis to help you remain strong, confident, calm and grounded. 

√  Have calm, clear focused energy deeply connected to your own center.

√  Create the life of your dreams and share your unique gifts with the world.

Imagine what it would be like if you could live free from all that holds you back
and create a deeply authentic, meaningful, joyful life!
I know you may be thinking:  this isn’t possible for me.
But, I believe
if  I can rise up from where I was – You Can Too!

Private 1:1 mentoring with me is a “journey of the soul” to come home to you:
your authentic self and the luminous radiant being that you are.

I will help you uncover the habit patterns of the mind and daily habits that keep you stuck,  while establishing new ones to build a deep connection to your soul: to your inner strength, confidence, and intuition
so you can love who you are and love your life.

I will walk beside you all along the way to help you step fully into your power so you stop being held back by fear and self-doubt,
and finally live the life you want.



The Radiant Woman

One-on-One Mentoring Program

A Woman’s Program of Coming Home to Herself
and stepping into her feminine essence
with deep stability, confidence, and radiance

Designed just for you


Life Coaching

 Women’s Teachings

Customized Yoga Practices


Individualized Self Care Practices

Together we will:

Clarify what you love and want for yourself so you move forward  in the direction that supports your wellbeing.

Identify and re-pattern self-defeating mindset and habits that keep you stuck so you stop holding yourself back from living your dreams.

Learn your unique mind-body type with foods and lifestyle practices best suited to support inner balance, radiant health, and glowing skin.

Establish daily disciplines and self–care practices necessary for growth and long lasting transformation.

Regain equilibrium in the face of life’s challenges so you stay steady and calm.

Create a customized yoga practice consisting of Kundalini Kriyas, breath practices, mantras and meditation so you stay strong in you.

Take steps needed to make positive changes that support health and healing.

“It’s not how many times you get bucked off that counts,
it’s how many times you saddle back up.”  -Unknown

You will:

Become your own best medicine woman so you’ll know how to rebalance yourself on a daily basis.

Move forward in life with clarity and confidence, connected to your deep strength and inner wisdom.

Begin to create a deeply authentic, meaningful life.

I invite you to join me in this transformational 4-month program!

This program is the path of a Spiritual Warrior

The Radiant Woman Mentorship Program was born from my personal transformations and decades of teaching and working 1:1 with women.
I feel called to share this with any woman who may benefit from
this type of support.

Years back it became clear that women in general struggle with feelings of:
“I am not good enough“.

This program gets to the heart of the matter with
practices and teachings that change
how you think and feel
about yourself.

If you are ready to ~
-Feel good about yourself and radiate a beauty from the inside out.
-Be the strong courageous woman that you are.
-Learn foundational tools to tame anxiety, fear, and self doubt so you can finally relax and enjoy your life more.
-Learn natural skin care measures and yogic facial exercises for healthy, toned skin.
-Stop worrying about what other people think and move beyond people pleasing,   I’m not good enough, and all the other thoughts of the inner critic.
-Access your deep inner wisdom so you will know what is right for you and what   isn’t and be able to live by that truth.
-Shift harmful patterns and establish self care practices so you feel happy and healthy.
-Heal your mindset and finally take charge of your life.
-Uncover your unique gifts and live a life of passion and purpose.


Here’s How the Program Works:

  • Mind, Body, Spirit focus
  • Intuitive Guidance
  • Ancient women’s teachings and yogic practices
  • Kundalini Yoga, Pranayama, Mantra, Meditation
    (If you wish to include:  natural, radiant skincare, face yoga, and rejuvenation)
  • Support for changing habit and lifestyle patterns with Ayurvedic guidance
  • Support for changing mindset, emotional, and belief patterns

What’s Included

Welcome: This four month program is a powerful healing immersion into:
diving deep into your spiritual development, strengthening your intuition,  tapping into your soul’s highest and deepest calling, and learning to love yourself just as you are.


  1. One  90 minute initial onboarding session
    ~ nine x 60 min. coaching calls
    by phone or zoom
  2. Session notes, handouts, on-going email support between sessions
  3. Spiritual/ Life coaching
    ~Ayurvedic constitutional analysis to determine unique mind/body type with specific food and lifestyle practices for your unique makeup and current conditions
    ~Personalized yoga, meditation, mantra practice which changes as we progress
  4. (If you wish to include:  natural skincare, face yoga, and                                                                    rejuvenation

    5. 6 month free access to my Radiant Living online Membership:A value of $174. with a treasure trove of material including twice monthly live wisdom talks, practices, and group coaching, recorded yoga classes, programs, handouts, women’s wisdom, new material added on a regular basis

Why You will Love It

You will be seen, heard, and held in a safe space so you can bring to light that which needs to be seen for your personal growth and evolution.

You will have the opportunity to get unstuck and make positive lasting changes so you experience the peace and stability that can only come from inside.

We travel this path together: this work is rich, deep, and soulful.

We laugh and cry together.

I share the knowledge and exact steps I have used to help me turn my life around and become the woman I am today.

I will walk with you all along the way and be your biggest champion to help you reach your dreams and accomplish your goals.

If there is a stirring inside when you read this, please reach out and let's have a conversation.

This is a high level 1:1 Mentoring Program – $3200 for  4 months 

Multiple payment plan options available 
We wish to help as many women who need and desire; occasional scholarships available.

For further inquiries contact:
or schedule your free discovery call by clicking the button below:


Don’t go it alone.

Studies show when we have guidance, support, and accountability, we have a 90% greater success rate of reaching our goals.

I am continually under the guidance of a mentor so I know this
to be true.

It is in this spirit that I offer my personal one on one mentoring program. 

I will walk with you all along the way with love and compassion and will be your biggest cheerleader.


I would highly recommend anyone who feels like they want to connect with themselves in a transformative way to contact Deborah.  The sessions proved not only to be the support I needed at that very moment of my life, but also durably shifted my relationship to myself.

Deborah is a wise woman.

Between her life’s experiences and her education, I found myself quoting her daily to my family and friends as well as to myself. She understood my life troubles, and saw my strengths when I couldn’t. She was my cheerleader during our time together.


“Coaching was invaluable in that Deb helped me focus on peeling the layers back until we arrived at the core issue(s). Thus, I was not able to maintain old habits and hide from painful situations and feelings.  
Deb helped me acknowledge my weaknesses and yet showed me grace and insights to allow me to find my inner strength to use and become a better person (a lifelong process). 

Deb is one of the most authentically loving, kind,  gentle souls I have ever met. She has such wisdom and experience. That’s more than enough…yet it’s so clear that Deb took her own painful life experiences and used them to grow and light a fire within herself.  Deb shares her bright heart and light to help others should they have the joy of working with her, which I highly recommend.” 


Deborah is a shining example of her path. She is humble, authentic, radiant, and truly is living her purpose.

She has done her inner work and knows what it takes and how to guide someone along this path.

My time with her was a deeply transformative experience.”


Why choose me to be your guide?

I care.

I’ve been there. I know what it takes to rise up.
I am deeply passionate about helping women just like you be free of suffering.
I will walk the journey beside you and hold your hand all along the way.

Meet your Guide

Deborah Keene
Founder of the Ayurveda Yoga Center

Deborah is a mother, grandmother, (and great-grandmother) who has dedicated over 50 years to the studies and practices of India’s ancient sciences.

She is a beloved yoga teacher, mentor for women, and Ayurvedic practitioner whose teachings are grounded in her in-depth studies, direct experiences, and personal transformations. 

She brings 40 years of experience to her offerings as well as her experiences of the healing powers of yoga, meditation, Ayurvedic wisdom, and spiritual teachings.

She has studied throughout the United States and in India with some of world’s leading teachers. 

Deborah is a graduate of the Kripalu School of Ayurveda and is a Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner, a Certified Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist, and a Registered Yoga Teacher.

She appeared in the: April 2000 issue of National Geographic Magazine and was profiled in the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health Spring 2010 catalog.

She has produced and aired a weekly radio health segment and has written health columns for local newspapers. She helped to establish a local dance studio. She is the founder and owner of the Ayurveda Yoga Center with a studio on her property in Liberty, Maine.
Her passion and life’s work is to support women to come back into their power, know their worth, stand in their truth, and live their passion and purpose. 

Deborah loves spending time with family, gardening, dancing, music, hiking, her work, and all things horses.

Let’s Get Started!!


What Women Say

“Deborah is a gifted teacher and healer full of heart. She gives so much and so freely to all that she offers with such love, compassion, and wisdom.

She is an inspiration to all who seek her guidance.”


“Thank you for all these years of your teaching.
I am sure I am not the only one who is grateful for how you have shared and enlightened us, with such strong commitment and kindness.
When asked to remember our teachers with gratitude in practice, you are on my list.”


“Deborah, I am blown away by the balancing and calming effect this program has had on my body – mind – emotions – and spirit especially at this time in my life experience which could be so heavy and depressing.

This experience gives me hope and peace and a strong motivation to continue.” 

~ M. W 

“You have a way of creating an arc that involves settling, working, moving, clearing, and settling again.  It’s a beautiful metaphor for almost anything.

You have a real gift for feeling a room and knowing just what type of arc to apply to just that group on just that day.”


“‘Your manner is so calming and encouraging.  It is obvious that you have direct experiences with your teachings and recommendations making you so inspiring!  Thank you for helping me be able to relax more and feel good about myself.”

“I was feeling like I had lost my way… but through the practice and gentle reminders you have offered I’m feeling my roots deeper and my mind clearer. Thank you for your offerings  and sharing your wealth of knowledge & knowing.” 

~ L.N.

“Everything you talked about in the sessions resonated with me so much.  And you just radiate so much love and light; you are like a little sun.  I really appreciate your teachings and how all the work comes through in your teachings.”

~ R.S.

“I want to thank you for this morning’s practice. I still feel grounded, centered and connected to myself. I was moved to tears after the chanting. I’d almost forgotten this feeling. I appreciate you and your studies and how you joyfully share them with us. I am so grateful.”


“Your offerings are immensely  motivating for me. Instead of making me want “self- improvement”, no matter how positive that could be, you help us see we’re already divine and the path is simply about waking up to that. You’re consistently positive, not artificially so, but just because that’s all there really is in the universe. And you consistently encourage us to go beyond what we think we’re capable of, without feeling pushed or obliged.  I am grateful.” 

~ C.M.

“You combine a deep sense of knowing with the human fragility. With your humor, you help us realize that sometimes we fall down, and it’s Okay.  

Thank you!”


“Deborah is a shining example of her path. She is humble, authentic, and truly is living her purpose.  She has done her inner work and knows what it takes and how to guide someone along this path.”


“I am a person who wants a leader.  Someone I trust to show me how. And you have been this for me. I’ve found inspiration in your example. I watch and listen and know that the information I hear is true. I feel safe to just be or to try something new.  I love your humor. I think you are a marvel.”

~D. L.

“Your yoga offerings saw me through a pandemic and so many more life challenges. You have instilled a daily practice with me and it truly does anchor me for the day. I have gained inner strength, both physical and emotional. I overflow with gratitude.” 

~ M.M.

“Deborah, Thank you again for your inspirational teachings and guidance.  You are a beautiful light in this world radiating love and peace.”
~ M.B.