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Welcome to Radiant Living

The Radiant Woman:  An Ayurvedic Approach to Beauty from the Inside Out

Hi! I’m Deborah

A Yoga teacher, Ayurvedic Practitioner, and Radiant Living Coach dedicated to helping women be free of anxiety
and feelings of not being enough so they can live a deeply authentic, meaningful life and realize their dreams.

Are You Ready?

Imagine what would be possible if you were felt comfortable in your own skin, slept through the night and moved through your day sourced with energy and a vibrancy so you didn’t need to reach out for external sources.
Imagine if you trusted your intuition, was clear with your life’s purpose, and lived a deeply fulfilling life.

What if you had the tools and guidance from someone
who’s been there and knows what it takes to:

re-pattern behaviors and habits that are self-defeating,
create long lasting changes in yourself and in your life,
and transform suffering into joy?

What if you could live free from all that holds you back?.

It’s all possible!

A Little About Me ~

I know what it is like to live with anxiety, depression, shame, trauma, and abuse. I’ve had a ton of sleepless nights and anxiety ridden days. I’ve struggled with digestive issues, addictive behaviors, and  plenty of times when I have felt not good enough and that there is something wrong with me.This is not the case anymore!
I can attest to the healing, transformative powers of all that I offer.

My signature coaching program is proof of this.
It is the development of my forty years of study, practice, teaching, working one on one with clients, and life experiences along with my deep wish that everyone know peace and happiness and be free of suffering.



Empowering you to love yourself as you are and thrive in your life in all ways.


Let's Work Together!

Schedule a free discovery call with me
today to see how I can help you!

“A Woman in harmony with her spirit is like a river flowing.
She goes where she will without pretense and arrives at her destination prepared to be herself and only herself.”


Rise up!  Be you!

 Take a stand on your behalf.

Speak your truth.

Live with a quiet mind and open heart.

No more holding yourself back.

Are you ready to invest in yourself:  in your health, your happiness, your peace of mind, and your ability to love more and serve others?

Don’t go it alone.

Studies show when we have guidance and support and are accountable to someone, we have a 90% greater success rate of reaching our goals.
I know this to be true.
Working one on one with my mentors and coaches, where the focus is on me, uniquely me, and what I need and want, have proven to be some of the most valuable experiences of my life.  

It is in this spirit that I offer my personal one on one coaching program. 

I bring my whole self and my sincere desire to help you move forward in your life fully and completely with great strength, courage, and resilience.
I will support you all along the way with love and compassion. 


Photo by Sharyn Peavey Photography

~ Radiant Living Coaching ~

A process of inner growth, development, and renewal.
Transform yourself from the inside out.

My coaching packages are custom designed to the unique needs of each woman, most of which are three to six months in length.
The ancient sacred sciences of Yoga and Ayurveda are the bedrock of this offering.

I take my time in the discovery calls to explore who you are, what you need, and what it is you want for yourself and your life. 
This allows me the opportunity to see whether I think I can help, and if so,  how I can best support you.

You will also get a very good sense of my approach and whether you think our work together would be a good fit for you.

 Access your Deep Strength, Confidence, and Radiance!

Transform suffering into joy.  Feel free from all that has weighed you down.
Know your worth and live by it with confidence.
Radiant a beauty that comes from you soul.

Make positive, long lasting changes in your life.

If there is a stirring inside you when you read this, please reach out.
I would love to talk with you and hear about what it is that you want for yourself and your life.
You have nothing to lose.

Why choose me to be your guide?

I have devoted 50 years of my life to this path of natural health and healing – since I was 15 years old. 
I have nearly forty years of experience teaching and working one on one with clients.  

I appeared in the Country Living Gardener Magazine -Feb. 1998 and the  
National Geographic Magazine – April 2000.
I was selected to be profiled in the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health Spring 2010 catalog.

I produced and aired a weekly radio health segment entitled Body ~Mind ~Spirit and have written health columns for local newspapers.
I have spent tens of thousands of hours in study and practice.
I own my own business and yoga studio – The Ayurveda Yoga Center – which sits on my property here in Liberty, Maine.
Yoga and Ayurveda are a way of life for me.
The teachings and experiences are in my bones.

All of the above is true,  yet, most importantly ~

I am deeply passionate about helping women to be free of suffering the way I suffered.

If you feel called to this coaching program, please reach out. 
There will be no hard sales.
Just an honest conversation between two women to see if we are a good fit for this transformational work.


$3200. for 3 months –  Payment plans available

Includes:  1 hour weekly coaching calls, email support, handouts, accountability
Bonuses:  3 month free access to my weekly yoga classes and 6 week series and discounts for my women’s programs and seasonal camps.

I limit the number of women I accept.

I have 1 spot available.

“Deborah is a gifted teacher and healer full of heart. She gives so much and so freely to all that she offers with such love, compassion, and wisdom. She is an inspiration to all who seek her guidance.”


“I am a person who wants a leader. Someone I trust to show me how. And you have been this for me. I’ve found inspiration in your example. I watch and listen and know that the information I hear is true. I feel safe to just be or to try something new.  I love your humor.
I think you are a marvel.”

~D. L.

Deborah is a shining example of her path. She is humble, authentic, radiant, and truly is living her purpose. She has done her inner work and knows what it takes and how to guide someone along this path.”


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