Ayurvedic Consultations
By appointment in Liberty, Maine or by phone

Initial Consultation 1 3/4 hours -$185 – Assessment of your unique constitution, health history, digestion, present conditions and concerns. Receive the beginnings of a treatment plan consisting of suggestions for proper diet, lifestyle, daily routines including sleep patterns and meal times as well as yoga practices all designed just for you. Learn about the basic guiding principles of Ayurveda and some of the key areas for creating optimal health. Gain a greater understanding of the nature of who you are and what you need to maintain or return your body and mind to a state of balance. Be empowered to be your own best health care practitioner.

Follow Up Consultations -1 hour – $80 – Receive more in-depth information and recommendations which may include herbal support as well as other therapies based on the information gathered during the initial consultation.

Wellness Program – $385. for 4 sessions –  This progam includes the initial consultation and 3 one hour meetings. During the follow-up appointments we will check in on how things are going and continue to work as a team to design a program suited just for you. The nature of our time together will vary according to your needs and wants. You may wish to focus on skin care or maybe have a cooking class. We may decide a private yoga session is best. We will work together to gently shift imbalances and help you move toward living a happy, healthy life. This is truly the essence and the traditional ways of Ayurveda and Yoga- Individualized, integrated wellness to support your unique mind, body, and spirit. A program is my recommended way of truly moving toward a vibrant, joyful life as it is the small changes made slowly over time that matter the most.


All of my Yogic teachings are deeply influenced by Yoga’s sister, Ayurveda. The posture, breathing, and meditative practices will change according to the seasons and weather patterns as well as to what is going on around us and within us. This is in keeping with harmonizing ourselves with Mother Nature. Come to learn about life and living through the lens of Yoga and Ayurveda. Learn about their guiding principles, gain a deeper understanding of yourself, and be nourished on all levels.

Personalized Yoga Sessions/ Therapeutics- 1 hour, 15 minutes. $100.
A Yoga program will be designed for your specific needs and capabilities. Ayurvedic principles will be applied to help identify the form of yoga practice best suited for your mind/body type and present conditions. Learn how to modify your practices to accommodate your changing needs and the changing seasons. Some of the areas we can address are: creating a general “daily” practice, joint pain, arthritis, digestive issues, anxiety, depression and much more. Meeting one on one is at the very heart of Yoga.

Weekly Classes
The current schedule is listed on the Schedule page.

Vibrant Skin Care Clinic for Women

One of my favorite offerings! Fun, Experiential, and Informative!

My interest in natural health and healing began with skin care when I was 15 years old.
My mother and I made facials using ingredients such as milk, honey, oils, and fruits.
I will cover skin care for all ages with an emphasis on 40 years and older.

“Beauty is not in the face. Beauty is a light in the heart.” Kahlil Gibran

What will be covered:

  • A look at the Ayurvedic perspective on healthy, radiant skin
  • Identify your skin type and learn ways to care for it
  • Dietary guidelines and essential nutrients for any skin type
  • The top ten foods for glowing skin
  • Yoga postures and breathing practices to support healthy skin tissue.
  • The importance of good digestion and how to help regulate the digestive fire.
  • A discussion of harmful ingredients commonly found in over the counter skin care products.
  • Natural alternatives including oils, essential oils, and vitamins.
  • Individual preparations and applications of cleansers and facials with ingredients from the kitchen such as milk, honey, lemon, almond flour, oils, and essential oils and more

Seasonal Camps

Seasonal transitions are an opportune time to clear the debris that has collected over the previous months in the body, mind, and emotions, reboot digestion, calm aggravated energies, calm the mind, and just plain shore ourselves up. Visit the Seasonal Camps page to learn more about camps in April, July, and October.  Visit Seasonal Camp page for more info https://ayurvedayogacenter.com/seasonal-camps/

Women’s Programs

  • Be Strong within yourself
  • Clear with your path in life and the decisions you make
  • Live with your inner Light shining brightly
    Visit the Programs for Women page to learn more.

Other Offerings

  • Workshops – covering a variety of topics including vibrant skin care for women, therapeutics for stress, arthritis, back care, anxiety, depression and more. Offering in Liberty and Belfast, Maine
  • Women’s Retreats – dates and times to be announced
  • Natural Skin Care Classes – A look at the Ayurvedic perspective on healthy, radiant skin. Preparations and applications of cleansers and facials.
  • Evening Chanting Events – with our guests from the Hridaya Hermitage located In Industry, Maine
  • On Site Workshops & Seminars – Bring this ancient wisdom to your Studio or community event.
  • Gift Certificates