Weekly Yoga Classes

(see class descriptions below)

Vibrant Living


All Levels Yoga


Kundalini Yoga

Jan. 9 – March 19

Monthly Resets (1st Fri of the month)


Weekly Yoga Classes

Please check here for cancellation notices.

1/16: Kundalini Yoga Cancelled due to weather

(I am committed to making my services available to anyone who would like them. If you are unable to pay full price for any of my offerings please contact me to discuss payment options.) 

All of my Yogic teachings are deeply influenced by Yoga’s sister, Ayurveda.  Come to learn about life and living through the lens of Yoga and Ayurveda. Learn about their guiding principles, gain a deeper understanding of yourself, and be nourished on all levels.
Please see the offerings page for more in-depth descriptions of the classes.

Vibrant Living- A Chair Yoga Class
Gentle enough for seniors – powerful enough for anyone/any age
Ongoing /$15. drop-in/ reduced rate for series of classes

Gentle stretching, whole body movements, yoga poses, breathing practices, meditation, and healthy living info all designed to help maintain strength, flexibility, mobility, ease stress, and feel lighter and brighter.
Please see the thirteen minute video for a sampling.

All Levels Yoga – Ongoing
$18. Drop-in/ Reduced rate for a series of classes.

A blend of vinyasa and other yogic disciplines including Kundalini, breathing practices, meditation, and restorative poses. This class is a great weekly anchor and reset for you and your practice.

Kundalini Yoga  for Anyone
5 weeks  $65.
Minimum of 6 people needed to hold class

A powerful, transformative path that increases our radiance, helps us shift out of unhealthy patterns, develops our intuition, and brings more happiness and peace into our lives. Kriyas (yogic exercises), breathing techniques, mantra (chanting), mudras (hand positions), meditation, and relaxation. Feel the Charge!! Clear the energetic blocks, boost your energy, feel and look more radiant.  I hear words like this all the time:  “I don’t know what it is but I just feel different.  Nothing else quite does what this does.”


Mantra and Meditation class has ended
5:45 – 7:00pm
Watch for new sessions.


Women’s Monthly Gathering – Intuition of Woman
Tuesday, January 21 6-8pm
This Women’s gathering is dedicated to strengthening our sensitivity, our awareness, and our connection to our own highest authority:
Our Intuition – “The Voice of the Soul”.  Based on the women’s teachings of Kundalini Yoga and the wisdom of Ayurveda.  $35.

Strong ~ Clear ~ Light
A Program for Women
Next program to be announced
Includes 6 weekly 2 1/2 hour gatherings with tea, weekly e-mails, ongoing support, private Facebook group, downloadable/printable manual.


Women’s Camp ~ for Strength, Clarity and Resilience 
Based on the Women’s teachings and Kundalini Yogic practices, the life enhancing habits of Ayurveda, and Yogic beauty rituals.
Camps run Monday thru Friday – 6:30-8:30am
$150 for Early Registration/$170 after 8/7.
Includes tea, food, herbs, handouts and e-mails
~August 17 ~ 21 Early registration by August 7


Ayurvedic Radiant Skin Care Clinic
Date to be announced-

Seasonal Yoga and Ayurveda Camps

In depth, comprehensive programs

2020 Dates 
All Camps run Monday thru Friday
Registration includes payment
$150 for early registration/$170
Includes tea, food, herbs, handouts, and e-mails

April 6 ~ 10  Kapha Season
Early registration by March 27th

July 13 ~ 17  Pitta Season
Early registration by July 3 

October 19 ~ 23  Vata Season

Early Registration by October 9

Yoga Center Entrance

“Deborah offers rare and invaluable gifts to our community.”

Mariah and Ian, Liberty, Me.

Complimentary 20 Minute Phone Session

Please contact me to schedule a complimentary 20 minute phone session to see how I might be able to help you begin your own journey toward living a happier, healthier life.


Ayurveda Yoga Center
91 Stevens Pond Rd.
Liberty, Maine 04949

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