Welcome to Online Ayurveda and Yoga Camps

for Spring, Summer, and Fall

(for all levels of practitioners)

An in-depth, comprehensive Program to:

Restore Strength, Vitality, Balance and Peace


Kapha Camp – Spring

Pitta Camp – Summer

Vata Camp – Fall/Early Winter

“If you ever want to be right in your life, bring yourself into balance.

The joy of life, the happiness of life, is in balance.”

Practical Tools for Balanced Living
Attune yourself to nature’s seasons and begin to thrive in your life in all ways.

Ayurveda understands that Mother Nature has cycles and rhythms which govern all of life. This means we as human beings are governed by these same principles. Our health and well-being are dependent upon aligning ourselves with nature’s cycles and rhythms.

The key to feeling balanced and whole is to harmonize ourselves with nature.

We can create harmony with the seasons through mindfulness and devotion: with rituals to honor each season and to remind us of our connection with the natural world. We can adjust our diet and lifestyle practices to harmonize with the elements and their energies of each season that best support our bodies, minds, sense, and spirits throughout the yearly cycle. 

This is the heart and soul of Yoga and Ayurveda Camps for the seasons.
This week long “retreat” is one of my signature programs.

Program Description:

Our संघ sangha; “Spiritual community” will gather each morning and begin our journey inwards to “set our house in order” to release the old ways and emotional states and to prepare us for the upcoming months.

The wholistic, integrated approach with a committed group meeting daily is one of the fastest ways to transformation. We move, breathe, chant, meditate, rest, and study together how to live in harmony with nature’s changing seasons.  We learn yogic practices and Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle recommendations that best support our wellbeing on the deepest level.

When we practice daily the new states of being we are creating are stabilized in our bodies and minds.
The consistency increases our vitality.
The vitality becomes stronger than the stressors of life.
We memorize these states for longer periods of time.
We stay above the chaos of the surface mind and the external world.
We feel clean, light, and ready for life and all that it brings.

For the past 20 years, on Friday, the last day of “Camp” we all have been reminded of what being in balance feels like: grounded, joyful, energized, and uplifted.


Program Topics

Each season will have its own set of studies and practices covering:

-Overview of Ayurveda’s underlying philosophy including nature’s elements and energies.
-Yoga postures, breathing practices, mantras, mudras, and meditation from a variety of lineages including vinyasa and Kundalini
-A discussion of foods, herbs, spices and bodywork practices
-Dietary and lifestyle recommendations
-Herbs and spices
-Natural remedies to address common ailments associated with the specific season.

 This program is for you if you are wanting: 

  • A fresh start to feel strong, balanced, grounded, clear, and uplifted
  • To reset your diet and lifestyle habit patterns for greater health and vitality.
  • To go deeper into the studies and practices of Yoga and Ayurveda for deeper transformation on all levels.
  • Increase your understanding of how to apply these ancient sacred sciences in your daily life and throughout the cycles of the year.
  • To be inspired to Develop a daily practice ~ the cornerstone of vibrant living
  • To be empowered to be your own best medicine woman or man

What is included:

-5 90 minute classes along with additional time for Q & A
– 4  60 minute classes for Q & A and meditation
-Yoga & Ayurveda Resource Guide for each Season containing yogic practices, Ayurvedic lifestyle tips recipes and more.

This was my first online yoga camp.  I was surprised that even though we weren’t all together in your beautiful studio, it managed to feel cozy and special.  As usual, I enjoyed your instruction, interspersed with helpful tips and hints.  Your manner is so calm and encouraging.  It’s obvious that you have direct experience with your teachings and recommendations, making you so inspiring.  Thank you for all you do!  


Camp this week was what kept me sane and grounded. Truly, your ability to intuit what we need as a group is so incredibly healing, and I know I speak for the others. You are such a treasure for us to have in our community.


What a beautiful way to start my days this week. I was feeling like I had lost my way… but through the practice and gentle reminders you have offered I’m feeling my roots deeper and my mind clearer. Thank you for offering these wonderful camps and sharing your wealth of knowledge & knowing.