for Women










Awaken Your Deep Inner Strength
and Radiance

-Be Strong within yourself
Clear with your path in life and the decisions you make.
-Live with your Light shining brightly

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  • Are you tired of setting goals and never quite reaching them?
  • Are you tired of holding yourself back from sharing your unique gifts with the world?
  • Do you want to digest better, sleep better, and have more energy?
  • Would you like to look and feel more radiant?
  • Are you truly ready to make deep, lasting changes that will uplift you and your life in all ways?

Please join me and be guided through a deep, transformational journey to help you:
~Know your worth and live by it with confidence
~Re-pattern behaviors and habits that are self-defeating
~Increase your inner and outer radiance
~Connect  more deeply to the truth of who you are and live in alignment with  your soul’s desires.
~Develop a solid daily practice which is the heart of any transformation.

This heart centered program is based upon the Women’s teachings of Kundalini Yoga and the life enhancing habits of Ayurveda

    • Vinyasa and Kundalini Yogic practices including postures, breathing techniques, meditation, mantras, and mudras,  Yoga is an essential spiritual component to support us in all ways.
    • The life enhancing habits of Ayurveda – Sync your daily and seasonal rhythms with Prakriti, Mother Nature.
      An in-depth, comprehensive Program
      ~6 Weekly 3 hour gatherings with tea
      ~Ayurvedic Beauty Rituals and Radiant Skincare
      ~Private facebook group
      ~Abundance of support
      -Manual with the womens’ teachings, inspiration, yogic practices, meditations, recipes, and more.
      Our time together will be relaxing, rich, and deeply nourishing.
      For more information or to reserve a place please e-mail  me at or call 207-589-4254
      Here’s to your evolution!

    Women's Camp

    Connect to the Source of your personal power for Strength, Clarity, and Confidence

    Shore up Your connection to Your Soul and Access Your Deep Strength and Resilience at a weeklong camp for Women!

    Our week together will be based upon the women’s teachings, Kundalini Yoga practices, and the life enhancing habits of Ayurveda. I will share powerful and transformative practices specifically for women to help us come into alignment with ourselves and our calling.

    Our practices will include yogic exercises, breath work, mantras, mudras, and meditation as well as restorative poses and plenty of rest to help strengthen and balance our nervous systems and emotions.

    I will also cover Ayurvedic principles that are foundational for health and well-being and beauty rituals including skin care and facial rejuvenation.

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