Riding the Waves

Riding the Waves

We have a full “Harvest Moon” coming this weekend:  Friday into Saturday.

Full moons have a lot of energy.  They can magnify whatever is going on in our lives If you have been feeling out of sorts, you may find you feel even more so. 

And women, remember, we are ruled by the moon.
This means we may have an “extra special ride” ride when it’s the full moon time.

On the other hand, if you are feeling strong, even tempered and on top of your game, this too can be more heightened. You may feel even more joyful, inspired, and expanded.

The planet Jupiter, the largest planet known for its wisdom, is contributing to the full moon effects this month.

Jupiter’s influence helps cut through confusion.
Thoughts and feelings that have been stuffed down may rise up.

We may find we have the power and courage to see and feel what needs our attention and take action that moves us in the direction that is right for us.

There are many tools which help bring us back to a place of presence, stability, and stillness.

Mantras are one such tool.

The word mantra means a vehicle or tool to help neutralize the mind and connect us with our heart.

Mantras help us clean our minds and discover what is getting  in our way of experiencing happiness and peace.

    Please join me for the weekly Free Online Yoga Class!

    Thursday,  Sept. 8, 2022
    All Levels, everyone is welcome!

    Let’s  come together for a full moon practice with breath and movement  to help clear what is obstructing us in daily life, heighten our intuition, and open us to new possibilities and uplifted moods.

    We will chant a mantra dedicated to the moon to help bring peace of mind:

    Click Here for the link to one such version of the mantra.

    Hope to see you!

    Why Celebrate a Lunar Eclipse?

    Why Celebrate a Lunar Eclipse?

    Right now, you may be experiencing a different energy and strong emotions. It isn’t just you. We are coming up on a rare lunar eclipse this Sunday night/Monday morning. It is a Blood Moon and Supermoon, and “the first of two of most ‘balanced’ lunar eclipses for four centuries.”

    The energy of this eclipse event will be felt for two days before and for two days after. It is a potent, yet perfect, time to release negativity and past emotions. We have a unique opportunity right now to create significant change in our lives and move forward in our spiritual journeys.


    So let’s celebrate this moment!

    In honor of the lunar eclipse, please join me on Monday, May 16 for a FREE Breath Practice and Meditation from the Kundalini Yoga tradition. We will set the stage with the space and time for you to release stress and tune in to your feelings and intuition.

    Lunar eclipses are feminine in nature and affect women more at this time. During this time, the emotional body can dominate our sense of self.

    With a “rare and balanced” lunar eclipse, then, it is especially important for us to nurture calm and clarity for our inner selves.

    In preparation for a mindful practice:

    • Distance yourself from distractions.
    • Have a quiet space.
    • Light a candle.
    • Have a journal or notebook handy.
    • Bring a shawl.
    • Make your self comfortable and allow for inspiration and insight to shine.

    You may even be surprised at the wisdom that seems to “come out of the blue” during a lunar eclipse!

    If you are looking to remain steady and calm during this emotional time, please make use of the recorded breath and meditation practice. Click the button below to access the recording!

    Monday, May 16th
    Recorded LIVE 

    Together, we will harness the energy of this divine and celestial event!

    Tuning Inside to Steady Us

    Tuning Inside to Steady Us

    Fall can be a dicey time of year.

    Nature pulls on us to slow down; quiet down.

    Yet, holidays are coming around the corner. So how can we remain calm with enough energy to help see us through the next few weeks?

    We are told that true strength and stability lies within. 

    Creating the conditions inside ourselves to provide the strength and resilience we need is always an inside job. My teachers have taught me that if I remain committed to my daily practice, the rest of my day will unfold in its own way and will take care of itself. I have found this to be true.

    A simple daily practice that includes moving energy and our spines,  attention to our breathing, and connecting to the truth of who we are can help us remain steady and strong through the daily ups and downs.

    Helping support people on their own journey through life is one of the areas I focus on in all of my offerings. This includes suggestions for creating simple practices that are easy to incorporate into your daily lives.

    Just five minutes a day can go a long way to shoring us up.


    Monthly Reset:
    Slowing Down, Tuning In ~Coming back into balance

    this Friday, November 1, 6:30-8:30am

    Tea is served. $25.Please e-mail to register ayuyoga@fairpoint.net (Minimum of 6 people needed to hold this offering) 

    Women’s Full Moon Gathering

    Tuesday, – November 12th 6-8:00pm

    The full moon is a powerful time – our practices and discussions will be dedicated to our radiance.

    “Like a woman who has found her authenticity, November’s beauty radiates from within.” –Sarah Ban Breathnach 

    Tea is served. $25. Please e-mail to register ayuyoga@fairpoint.net (Minimum of 6 women needed to hold this offering)

    Also, Weekly classes:

    • Tuesday, Vibrant Living  9-10:15am
    • Wednesday, All Levels Yoga  8:30-10am
    • Thursday, Kundalini Yoga for Anyone  6-7:15pm

    Individual Ayurvedic Wellness Consultations – by appt.


    Here’s to our well-being and peace of mind.

    Celebrate International Day of Yoga and the Summer Solstice

    Celebrate International Day of Yoga and the Summer Solstice

    Summer Solstice Celebration

    This Friday, June 21st – 6:30-8:30am

    Live with more lightness of being and a more joyful, loving heart.

    I invite you all to join this wonderful community right here in Liberty where we are fed on all levels.  There is a lot of heart and soul here with offerings that are uplifting, grounding, and deeply healing: all to help us live happy, healthy, purposeful lives.

    Everyone is welcome.

    I am happy to share a picture of the Studio’s new Gong.

    The Gong produces sound vibrations that help to heal the nervous system, remove negativity, ease stress, and so much more.  The Gong works on all levels to heal and transform. Please come and experience the Gong’s sound vibrations for yourself.

    Also, another surprise has arrived! Come see what’s new in the Studio

    ~Summer Solstice and International Day of Yoga Celebration
    3 spaces left!
    This Friday, June 21th – 6:30-8:30am

    We go deep with our practices: this one has the Yoga and Ayurveda Camp vibe. Includes healing session with the Gong. Tea is served. $20-$30. Sliding scale Please e-mail me if you wish to register. (Pay when you come on Friday.)

    Weekly Schedule

    See the Schedule and offerings page of the website for more info: Ayurveda Yoga Center.com Currently in Liberty at the Ayurveda Yoga Center

    -Vibrant Living Yoga
    Tuesdays, 9-10:15am

    -All Levels Yoga
    Wednesdays,  8:00-9:30am  Time change! We have return to the summer hours for class.

     -Kundalini Yoga for Anyone
    Thursdays – 6:00-7:15pm

    Yoga and Ayurveda Camp for summer – Pitta Season
    July 8 ~ 12  Monday thru Friday

    1 space left! $120. Early registration
    Checks payable to:
    Deborah Keene
    61 Stevens Pond Rd.
    Liberty, Maine  04949

    I hope to see you.
    Love, Deb

    It’s Fall Now: Time to Reflect

    It’s Fall Now: Time to Reflect

    Here’s some of my reflections.
    The truth is:
    I spent a lot of my life not feeling good about who I was.
    I held myself back time and again from doing what I really wanted to do because of it.
    I lived with shame which is different from guilt.
    And guilt, too.
    Guilt is where we feel badly about something we did.
    Shame is where we feel badly about who we are. Period.
    I’ve had a ton of sleepless nights.
    I’ve known anxiety really well.

    I’m 62 now. I hardly struggle with those things I just wrote about.
    I’m not saying I don’t get tripped up from time to time.
    It’s just that when troubles do come they don’t hang around for very long.
    I feel happy and healthy a good part of the time.
    I sleep pretty good, too.
    When I don’t sleep, at least I know why and what to do about it.
    I know what was causing my anxiety and what part I was playing in making it worse.
    (See Tips For Anxiety handout on my resource page)

    I’ve learned that we are all made from the same elemental forces, that we are all one, and that the natural world provides law and order. I’ve learned that we need to know about our unique selves and that what we eat and how we live matters greatly.
    I understand how energy moves in the body and the necessity to tend to the pranic flows.
    I understand the importance of clearing and balancing the subtle body, the chakra system.
    I know that stress and trauma needs to be released from the nervous system.

    And…. this is the most important piece of all….
    Divinity exists in all living things including each one of us.
    I get that the Divine lives in me as me.
    I know my worth because of it.
    I live in a way that honors my divinity.
    I take a stand on my behalf when it’s called for.

    I got here by spending the last 47 years of my life studying, teaching, and practicing all things Yoga and Ayurveda. I got down and dirty. I self- reflected. Still do. Always will. I faced up to the truth of who I was in all of my goodness and my short comings. Just so you know, I still have plenty of shortcomings! The difference now is that I just don’t beat myself up about them.
    I’ve cleared out a lot of gunk and now feel free.
    I’ll never go back to the way I was.

    I weave what I’ve learned and continue to learn into everything I teach. I share the teachings and my experiences in down-home practical ways. I’m me; a cowgirl at heart. My delivery is simple and earthy.

    I know you have been on your own journey and had your fair share of ups and downs. You have your own story to tell.
    If you are drawn to anything I’ve written and you have the slightest urge to reach out, please do. If you need help, you’ll have my support. And if you come to the studio here in Liberty you’ll have the support of others too. Not to mention what you will bring to this community. We all learn from and support each other here.

    My phone number – 207-589-4254
    E-mail ayuyoga@fairpoint.net
    If you are simply curious about my work or this place
    you can poke around my website.
    The info is all there.
    I’ve got some fun programs coming up.
    And weekly classes too.

    In closing, I want to thank you for reading this.
    It feels important to me to write it.
    Namaste everybody