Welcome: Notes

Namaste Beautiful women,

I am so happy to be with you all this season.

Being together in this way is one of my greatest joys. My spirit is so happy!

Thank you again for being here and for trusting me.

May you all know your worth and live by it with confidence.

With love, Deb



Welcome Notes

Change of season is a potent time for reset.

Cleanse, re-establish diet and lifestyle habits, address digestion.

Each season has its own assets and liabilities: elements, qualities, energies.

This Fall Camp is dedicated to Vata Dosha:  Air and Space Elements

“That which moves things”

“Windswept:   Changeable”

We want to cool inner heat, soothe and nourish the nerves, moisten ourselves, and tend to the digestive fire.

Please remember that no effort goes to waste.

Many folks are living busy lives.

Some have more time than others this week to focus on slowing down and taking a pause.

We do what we can and be good with that.

Watch comparing.

Watch resistance.

Watch judgement.

Practice unconditional self-love:  unconditional self-acceptance ~ A high form of practice indeed.


During Your Study and Practice:

-Pay attention:  our attention is one of our greatest assets

Awareness is step one on this path of evolution.

-Sip warm water throughout the day – Tibetan Ayurveda remedy for cleansing

 Breathe with attention – take a pause, take a breath

-Breath is the doorway to elevated states.

-Breath is the secret to health, vitality, longevity.

-“Command the breath, Command the mind”  

Place the breath in the driver’s seat and the mind in the back so the mind can serve the soul.


Containment – dial down the nervous system

Too much stimulation of senses = Nervous system overload

-talk less

-less phone, tv, radio, computer, travel, dim light at night

Stay warm, cover head, wrap up in a shawl 

 Compassion – treat ourselves like a flower

We will all meet up against ourselves in some way…

Stillness, Quiet, Rest, Self-reflection – refer to whale spirit

Our outer world reflects our inner world.  Please think on this…..


-Limit caffeine, alcohol, processed foods, meat, dairy, sugar, table salt

 -Favor- soups, stews, smoothies, (room temp)  -1 pot meals are easier on digestion



Set your intention – what is your deep wish:  what are you opening to at the deepest level. Our intention fuels our practice, our experiences, and our live.


-Write down the habits that contribute to you being out of sorts.

Get really honest with yourself.

Pick one to focus on releasing this week.

Also, write down the habits that are helpful – honor yourself for those

-Honor yourself daily – Bow to your divinity

We are here to understand ourselves at a deeper level

Come into an integrated state – a sense of wholeness

To feel whole and complete as we are.

 A healthy whole person is one who is “situated within themselves”.

Develop a deep relationship with you: the you in you.

Awaken to your True Nature


May we all be uplifted this season.