75 min./$135.

One-on-one sessions available via zoom or by phone.

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My work is based on the idea that everything you need to be happy and healthy already exists within you.

Yoga, Meditation, and Ayurveda’s lifestyle wisdom are powerful tools to help you access the strength, courage, and your own deep wisdom to transform your life.

Today is the perfect day to learn to love yourself more deeply and engage in your own healing and transformation.

Individual work is often the best path forward for long term health and healing.


People often reach out to me when they are in the midst of a healing crisis of some kind.

Others are interested in up-leveling their lives, but find themselves stuck in unwanted repetitive patterns no matter how hard they try to change them.

Some struggle with anxiety, insecurity, depression, sleep troubles and digestive issues.

Whether the challenge is physical, emotional, or psychological, we work together to tease out the subconscious beliefs at the root of the challenges so you can begin the healing process.

We will also identify some of the diet and lifestyle habits that may be getting in the way of you living with vitality and strength.

Developing awareness and consciously rewriting our internal dialogue, from a place of compassion and self-acceptance, is the first and essential step.

My work with individuals and groups has been created and is continually being refined from my 40 plus years of study, practice, and teaching, while applying the wisdom to my own life all along the way.

I will guide and support you on your personal healing journey. I incorporate  a variety of modalities including yoga, breath work, meditation, Mantra, Ayurveda’s diet and lifestyle wisdom, and spiritual teachings.