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 *Are you tired of feeling tired yet don’t know what to do about it?
*Are you confused as to what to eat given all the different approaches to diet?
*Do you want to take charge of  your health and happiness the natural way?
*Would you like guidance and support on figuring out the best path forward so you feel happy, healthy, and radiant with a zest for life?

If so, please reach out.  I can help. 
Let’s schedule a 20 min. complimentary to see how.

Initial Consultation 1 3/4 hours -$195- Assessment of your unique constitution, health history, digestion, present conditions and concerns. Receive the beginnings of a treatment plan consisting of suggestions for proper diet, lifestyle, daily routines including sleep patterns and meal times as well as yoga practices all designed just for you. Learn about the basic guiding principles of Ayurveda and some of the key areas for creating optimal health. Gain a greater understanding of the nature of who you are and what you need to maintain or return your body and mind to a state of balance. Be empowered to be your own best health care practitioner.

  • Come to learn about your unique needs and ways to care for yourself.
  • Learn dietary and lifestyle practices best suited for you.
  • Learn about the medicinal power of food.
  • Address a variety of imbalances including digestion
  • Have a personalized yoga program designed for your unique body and mind.

Follow Up Consultations – 1 hour – $95- Receive more in-depth information and recommendations which may include herbal support as well as other therapies based on the information gathered during the initial consultation.

Wellness Program – $440 for 4 sessions (Save $30!) –  This program includes the initial consultation and 3 one hour meetings. During the follow-up appointments we will check in on how things are going and continue to work as a team to design a program suited just for you. The nature of our time together will vary according to your needs and wants. You may wish to focus on skin care or maybe have a cooking class. We may decide a private yoga session is best. We will work together to gently shift imbalances and help you move toward living a happy, healthy life. This is truly the essence and the traditional ways of Ayurveda and Yoga – Individualized, integrated wellness to support your unique mind, body, and spirit. A program is my recommended way of truly moving toward a vibrant, joyful life as it is the small changes made slowly over time that matter the most.

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 Ayurvedic Therapies

I use organic, herbalized oils and practice in the traditional ways. All Ayurvedic treatments help to release toxins and restore balance to the body, mind, and spirit.

Shirodhara – 40 minutes $80 – Shirodhara is one of the most popular Ayurvedic Spa treatments that balances mind and emotions. This deeply relaxing therapy consists of warm, herbalized oil poured onto the forehead. It is a go to treatment to help ease anxiety, stress, insomnia and disorders of the nervous system. Feel a deep sense of peace and calm while nourishing your hair and scalp. This treatment includes approximately 6 cups of oil which you can take with you or leave in the treatment area for your next therapy session.  Follow-up visits $50.


Free 20 Minute Consultation

Please contact me to schedule a complimentary 20 minute session to see how I might be able to help you begin your own journey toward living a happier, healthier life.

“I feel compelled to write this testimonial for my dear friend, Deb Keene, after experiencing both Shirodhara and Abhyanga sessions with her today.   Just imagine warm oil in copper vessels, fresh blankets, a beautiful healing surrounding, and a loving and skilled practitioner giving you her full attention.  These ancient body and energy practices are so whole, nurturing,  and balancing.  Having experienced a summer of chemotherapy and radiation I can attest to what it is to have a depleted nervous system and traumatized body.  I have had years of body work and energy work and I will tell you….these treatments get to the essence of the nervous system like nothing else, and Deb as a practitioner is quite simply as good as it gets.”        

E.L. Smithfield, Maine

“I am enjoying and truly appreciate Deborah’s support in upgrading my health. Her manner puts you at ease and the suggestions she offers are simple, gentle, and have yielded almost immediate benefit. I look forward to working more with her in the future and would not hesitate recommending her to others”
– P. B. Belfast, Maine

“Coming from a large city that offers lots of yoga I was surprised and delighted to find an instructor as competent and gifted as Deb in a rural area such as this. She has a thorough knowledge of anatomy and physiology which she incorporates into her ayurvedic and yogic teachings. Intuitive and sensitive to her clients’ needs, she is able to provide individualized instruction even in a large class of varying levels. I have studied with Deb for nearly 3 years now, and she has helped me tremendously both spiritually and physically. I am very grateful.”

-G.R., Physical Therapist