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All of my Yogic teachings are deeply influenced by Yoga’s sister, Ayurveda. The posture, breathing, and meditative practices will change according to the seasons and weather patterns as well as to what is going on around us and within us. This is in keeping with harmonizing ourselves with Mother Nature. Come to learn about life and living through the lens of Yoga and Ayurveda. Learn about their guiding principles, gain a deeper understanding of yourself, and be nourished on all levels.

Personalized Yoga Sessions/ Therapeutics- 1 hour, 15 minutes. $90 – A Yoga program will be designed for your specific needs and capabilities. Ayurvedic principles will be applied to help identify the form of yoga practice best suited for your mind/body type and present conditions. Learn how to modify your practices to accommodate your changing needs and the changing seasons. Some of the areas we can address are: creating a general “daily” practice, joint pain, arthritis, digestive issues, anxiety, depression and much more. Meeting one on one is at the very heart of Yoga.


Weekly Classes ~ The current schedule and pricing is listed on the Schedule page.

~Gentle/Chair Yoga  For any one – any age -any level of experience – especially helpful if you are new to yoga and need a “beginner” practice.  Good for understanding basic yogic principles, how to move from the core of the body, and for limited capabilities. This class provides a great opportunity to focus on the essential practice of breathing. Learn a seated variation of the timeless and sacred sun salutation flow as well as a standing version with the aid of chairs. Receive therapeutics for the neck, shoulders, low back, hips, and sacrum. Everyone is welcome! If you are wanting a general, overall tonic. Perfect! The body loves gentle so this class is truly beneficial for all.

For a sampling of this practice please see the thirteen minute video

~All Levels Yoga  . All of my offerings, including Wednesday morning practices, are deeply influenced by the changing seasons. Learn how to live in a balanced way guided by Mother Nature’s cycles and rhythms. This all levels class is suitable for anyone although being familiar with some of the basic yoga postures is helpful.  The focus of this practice changes based on the needs and wants of the group as well as what is going on in and around us.  I guide you on how to customize the practice so you can truly receive the most benefits for your unique needs. The practices includes a vinyasa or posture flow with some holdings, breathing practices, meditation, and restorative poses. A great weekly boost and reset for you and your practice.

~Yoga for Stress- A gentle and restorative practice for any level- beginners and up cultivate stillness and peace This nourishing practice helps to ease the effects of stress and aid in more restful sleep. We open with a gentle movement flow and proceed with yin and restorative yoga postures.

~Bhakti -Devotional Yoga   This all levels class is gentle in nature and focuses on heart centered vinyasas (rhythmic movement flows), breathing, meditation, and mantra(chanting). The early morning time is an elixir unto itself so the practices can be more beneficial at this time. If you want to settle back into yourself, feel more attuned to your own being and begin your day with gratitude and love please join me.  (My teachers have said, “Above all else we are here to love.”) Feel the shift in your subtle body. Feel the difference when your channels are clear and more prana (energy) is moving through you.

– Kundalini based Yoga and meditation
Feel the charge!!! Clear the energetic blocks, boost your energy, feel and look more radiant.
I hear words like this all the time:  “I don’t know what it is but I just feel different.  Nothing else quite does what this does.
Please come join us and find out for yourself!
Kundalini yoga includes mantras (chants), breathing techniques, postures, mudras (hand positions) and meditation.
All of these components are combined to form a series of “exercises” known as Kriyas.
Although all systems of the body are strengthened, there is a particular emphasis on the subtle body: the chakra system which directly impacts the nervous and glandular systems.

Free 20 Minute Consultation

Please contact me to schedule a complimentary 20 minute session to see how I might be able to help you begin your own journey toward living a happier, healthier life.
“When I carve out the time to be in your yoga class I always come away more grounded, more connected to my body, with fewer aches and pains and feeling like I have given myself a gift. Your style is perfect for me with your peaceful and skilled approach to the postures, your gentle warm-ups and your words of wisdom.” -S. D.

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