Week Two:

Class Notes

Here we are on Week Two.

My heart continues to feel so full of love and appreciation for all of you and for this community. I am deeply grateful that you are here on this journey with me. We walk this road together.

Go gently into the rest of your day. Take a pause.  Take a breath. Take a sip of warm water. Come into this moment. Place awareness on the heart space. This alone is calming vata.  Even if you do nothing else:  this matters a lot.

Some of you are already experiencing the shifts. You are noticing a quiet that is beginning to settle in. Sleep is already improving.

Very good. Stay with this.  You will not be sorry. In fact, you will be happier and healthier. This I know to be true.

Love to you all, Beautiful Women,


Week Two Class Notes, Vata continued…


In a Balanced state, Vata is very creative.

Out of balance, the scattered energy gets in the way of creativity and is not allowed to flow in an effortless manner.

To be able to create and express our unique gifts we need to ground, pull in, slow down, calm down, focus;  again Containment


Sensitive – the sensitive nature is a wonderful quality to possess.

  • Yet, if we do not have healthy boundaries we will absorb other energies
  • Which may cause us to suffer in some way.
  • We will over react.  We will be pulled off our center
  • Our emotions may be all over the place.
  • We may experience pain in the physical body.
  • Our skin may react more quickly to certain foods, temperatures, climates etc.


Vata is “that which moves things”.

  • Vata is the rhythm and timings.
  • Hence why it is so important that we follow nature’s way.
  • Pain in our body may travel here and there.


Changeable – Again out of balance.

  • We may be in a good mood one minute and feel lousy the next.
  • We may decide we want “this” and then we want that.
  • We can’t decide.  We get overwhelmed.
  • Then we suffer.


Talkative – out of balance.

  • Aggravated Vata may cause us to talk fast, or too much, interrupt, talk over someone.
  • I see it as sitting forward in our seat rather than deeply down.


All Life requires a rhythm of rest.

  • The stillness and quiet gives us wisdom
  • We lose our way if we don’t rest .
  • We become too preoccupied to listen to the quiet voices that seek our attention: to nourish and refresh us and guide our way.
  • We become too busy to find the time for the sunset.
  • We distract ourselves in countless ways.
  • Our lack of rest and time for reflection dictates the way we respond to stress, pain, and suffering.


Remember, what we seek is not outside of ourselves. 

The things we reach for to strengthen us in the end only weakens us.


Reclaim strength, and energy when we stop putting energy on what no longer serves us.

Ground, Breathe, Pause, Reflect,  Become still


“In absolute stillness of being I experience complete peace and serenity”

“Like a statue softly breathing I rest in the perfect stillness of my being.”


Home Study:

  • Ask-How do you distract yourself?
  • Ask-What are you putting energy into that no longer serves you?
  • Write this down.

Week Two Afternoon

There is a powerful energy in the natural world now that supports letting go.

Breathe deeply and let go on the exhale.

Shallow Breath – Fast Mind

Slow Deep Breath – Quiet Mind


About Surrender:

Surrender + Trust = Magic

Control + Resistance + Suffering  from  the Magic of Surrender by Kute Jackson


Surrender to your soul’s calling.

Give up trying to force life into what you think it should be.

Be willing to embrace the unknown.

Be open to what is seeking to happen.

Striving creates struggle.  Effort leads to exhaustion.

Tap into a source bigger than your own personal power.

Feel lighter, more powerful, more grounded.


Surrender to what is and let your light shine.

You being you is the greatest gift you can give to the world


Trust that what is truly meant for you cannot be taken away.

What is not meant for us cannot remain.
If we hold on we block the blessings.


Home Study:

-What are you holding on to such as:

a fear, anger, the thing you did years ago, a relationship, a hurt…..

-What are you trying to force, to control?


Yoga - Vata


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