Week Three:

Class Notes

Sat Nam, Friends,

We are continuing on with cultivating prana and circulating it to clear and open us up from the inside.

Bit by bit, with relaxed effort, we are creating the conditions inside ourselves to help us move forward in the direction that is meant for us.

Hold your intention close, sip  warm water, take a pause, take a breath and carry on.

May you treat yourself like a flower as you continue on this path.

May you release that which is holding you back and holding you down.

Love to you all,  beautiful women.


Fall picture with VATA Camp Headline

Week Three Mornings


-Mantras and mudras dial down the thinking mind and open the heart.

-We are building the capacity to release blocks and habit patterns that hide our source of intelligence.


Breath is most powerful tool to change physiology of the body.

If our breath is shallow and tight maybe we are not allowing for all the abundance to come.

If we are unconsciously holding our breath and not exhaling completely maybe we are hesitant to let go. To trust the natural flow of life.



Two Wings of the Bird – The yogis teach that we want to approach our practice in this way.

Birds need to wings to fly.

We want to hold our intention, our commitment to our evolution with relaxed effort.

What will be will be.


-Abyasa – A dedicated whole hearted commitment to the now.

A true effort with heart.

Unwavering devotion to our evolution.


-Vairagya –Surrender – to let go – to release what we think we should experience.

Be with what is.


Home Study –

How do you approach your practice?

What is your intention this week?


Week Three Afternoons

Prana and Pranayam:

The sacred Sciences of the Breath

Prana – Vata’s subtle essence

  • First unit of energy.
  • Responsible for life.
  • Fuel for all energy and motion.
  • Carrier of thought and force of will.
  • Maintains health in the body.
  • Powers up machinery.
  • Inner irrigation system.
  • Flows in many ways in the body like water flows in the ocean.
  • Comes in through the breath, the air, food, etc.

Yogis say a healthy person is one who has more prana in the body than what leaks out.

When prana leaks out we may feel depressed, anxious, overwhelmed, unwell, scattered and lacking motivation.

Prana is leaked in many ways including excessive activity, worry, stress, overthinking, unconscious action.

Lack of movement, which creates weakness and stagnation.

Pranayam – The science of breath control

  • Key to unlock pain free state.
  • Important to learn how to breathe optimally and then proceed to specific breath techniques.
  • Unlocks life force, vitality and power.
  • By directing the flow of breath we can direct our minds and gain a deeper understanding and true freedom in life.
  • We want to enliven, direct and stabilize prana

Breath – “As is the breath, so is the mind.”

  • One of most powerful anchors to hold our attention.
  • When we breathe consciously the nervous system turns down.
  • Entry point of balance.
  • Shifts our frequencies.
  • Breath and mind are best friends.   We want breath to be the boss.
  • Therefore train the breath and the mind will be trained.

Home Study –

In what ways does your prana leak out and what one thing can you do today to seal that leak up?

Pick just one  … and begin.

Yoga - Vata


Week Four
Morning Sadhana
Afternoon Pranayam

Week Five
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