Prepare Yourself

Create Inner Balance, Deep Stability, and Resilience
Here are some suggestions and reminders to help you prepare for this journey:

Some of the  practices I will be offering up draw from the Kundalini Yoga tradition. If you are not accustomed to this lineage you may find some of the exercises and breathing practices a bit “strange”.

Trust me,  they will take us far on this journey.


Begin to Stay Strong in You

I view this program as an opportunity to help you develop a daily practice.

  • It is the time on the mat that is most important when we want to make deep lasting transformational changes.
  • Place your attention and your intention to show up each day for your practice, preferably in the morning before the day comes on in earnest.
    This way, the day will unfold in a beautiful way.
  • A reminder, it is the consistency that is what takes us where we want to go. There is no other way.

Remember to always listen to your body and do what is right for you.

Develop a Daily Practice

The recorded videos will be posted as soon as possible after each class. 
(The first week’s video will be posted a couple of days later.)

  • Do your very best to practice each week’s video every day between our live sessions. 
  • The practices build upon each other. Each week there is a particular focus.
  • The practices all together are designed to help bring you into a vibrant, clear, calm, and uplifted space.

Create a Sacred Space

  • I suggest you create a sacred place for your practice:  away from distractions if possible. 
    This helps to support positivity and the energy for new potentials. 
  • Set up an altar: light a candle, place a flower, have a small  bowl of water.  Maybe incense.  Maybe a bell or chime. 

Prepare your Digestive Body

  • Let’s eat wholesome foods, lots of veggies, drinks lots of water, and limit caffeine and alcohol for the next 35 days. 
  • Be careful you don’t drink much caffeine before class.  The practices will increase our energy and you might find it’s too much if its laden with a lot of caffeine.
  • Also, try to come to class with a mostly empty stomach.

Getting Ready for Each Class

  • Maybe make yourself a cup of tea and bring it with you to class in the morning.
  • I plan to spend about the first 10 minutes providing context for where we are headed and for the upcoming week’s practice.
  • You can simply sit and sip your tea while I talk, or move around and warm up your body, or lie down and rest and listen.
  •  On some days, once we close at the end I will be ending the session so there will be no noise: no talking.
  • This will help those of you who have the time and wish to  continue to rest or meditate.

 Here’s to our growth and evolution!

Yoga - Vata


Week One
Friday Morning Sadhana, 6:30a

Week Two
Friday Morning Sadhana, 6:30a

Week Three
Friday Morning Sadhana, 6:30a

Week Four
Friday Morning Sadhana, 6:30a

Week Five
Friday Morning Sadhana, 6:30a