Strong ~ Clear ~ Light

A Women’s Program for Strength, Vitality, Balance, and Peace

At the Ayurveda Yoga Center in Liberty, Maine

Next Program: 
February 21 ~ March 28, 2019
Thursdays  9-11am

Be Strong within yourself,
Clear with your path in life and the decisions you make,
and live with your inner 
Light shining brightly

This heart centered program is based upon: 

  • Yogic practices including postures, breathing techniques, meditation, mantras, mudras, and aromatherapy.   Yoga is an essential spiritual component to support us in all ways.
  • Improving digestive health and healing the gut. I always address digestive health in my clinical practice.  This is a key area for vibrant health and longevity.
  • The life enhancing habits of Ayurveda – Sync your daily and seasonal rhythms with Prakriti, Mother Nature. We are a part of her and we need to live according to her ways to be healthy and whole at the fundamental level.

Included in this program:

  • Weekly gatherings to discuss the teachings and ways to customize the dietary and lifestyle habits suited to each individual’s needs, and to share our goals, challenges, strengths, and progress.
  • A  yoga practice designed to release stress from the nervous system, clear subconscious blocks that can stand in the way of making positive habit changes, enhance intuition,  balance our energies, and increase prana, our vital life force.
  • Tea will be served along with samplings of  herbs, spices, foods, oils, essential oils
  • Weekly e-mails
  • Ayurvedic Skin care for a healthy, radiant glow
  • Handouts with menus, recipes, yogic practices, and more.

I am committed to helping you: -Connect more deeply to you- to your spirit – so that you are guided from within -Digest better -Sleep better -Feel more vibrant -Live with more joy and ease Little by little with persistent effort we will move in the direction towards our heart’s desires.Our time together will be relaxing, rich, and deeply nourishing. For more information or to reserve a place please e-mail or call 207-589-4254.

Here’s to your evolution!

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