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Yoga And Ayurveda for Women
at the Belfast Dance Studio in Belfast, Maine
A Bi-monthly Practice
April 14, 28/ May 5, 19
$64. 4 weeks/$18-$20. drop-in
Please register by April 7:  Minimum of 6 women reguired

See below for details

Weekly Classes~ The  classes are deeply influenced by Yoga's sister -Ayurveda.
They are designed according to the cycles and rhythms of Mother Nature herself.
Gain a deeper understanding of yourself and be nourished on all levels.



Evenings- in Liberty
Spring Shape Up
Monday 5:30-6:30pm 
Next session to be announced.
For all levels - .
5 weeks - $12. per class/ $50. 5 week session


Mornings- in Liberty
Yoga   Tuesday       Begins Jan. 14  9-10:15am         Gentle & Restorative/ Chair Yoga
                           Drop-ins - $12./$10. seniors
  (62 yrs. up)   
For any one - any age -any level of experience - especially helpful if you are new to yoga
and need a "beginner" practice.  Chairs are provided for those needing more stability and/or
find it difficult to sit or lie down on yoga mats on the floor.
The body loves a gentle approach so this is truly beneficial for all.

Yoga   Wednesday    8:30-10:30   All Levels
                        Drop-ins   $15./13. seniors 
This all levels class is suitable for anyone although being familiar
with some of the basic yoga postures is helpful.  
I show accomodations
to help suit any level in class. 
Everyone is encouraged to listen to what the body wants and needs
rather than what the mind might dictate. 
"Surrender to the pace of the body" is always suggested. 
The practice includes a vinyasa or posture flow, breathing practices, meditation, and
restorative poses.  A great weekly boost and reset for you and your practice.


Yoga and Ayurveda for Women -
for any level
This bi-monthly offering is a quiet, reflective, nourishing practice
designed to help calm, soothe and balance the
female body and mind.
The practice includes meditation, rhythmic asana flows, as well as restorative and yin postures,

breathing practices, and dietary and lifestyle recommendations.
We enter and leave in silence.
Turning inwards helps to draw our awareness inside and open our internal sensory faculties
allowing us the opportunity to reconnect to our inner being.


~Vibrant Skin Care Clinic for Women -   In Liberty
Saturdays,   Check back for the next date
9-1:00   $65.early bird/ $75. after                                     

My interest in natural health and healing began with skin care when I was 15 years old - 43 years ago-
when my mother and I made facials together using ingredients such as milk, honey, and oats. 
We will cover skin care for all ages with an emphasis on 40 years and older
This workshop is one of my favorite offerings so please join me!!

"Beauty is not in the face.  Beauty is a light in the heart."  Kahlil Gibran

-A look at the Ayurvedic perspective on healthy, radiant skin
- Identify your skin type and learn ways to care for it
-Dietary guidelines and essential nutrients essential for any skin type
 -The top ten foods for glowing skin
-Yoga postures, and breathing practices to support healthy skin tissue.
-The importance of proper digestion.
-A discussion of harmful ingredients commonly found in over the counter skin care products.
-Natural alternatives for skin care products including oils, essential oils, and vitamins.
-Individual preparations and applications of cleansers and facials
with ingredients from the kitchen such as milk, honey, lemon, almond flour, oils, and essential oils and more


Individual Ayurvedic Consultations and
Personalized Yoga Sessions 
-Come to learn about your unique needs and ways
       to care for yourself. 
-Learn dietary and lifestyle practices best suited for you.
-Learn about the medicinal power of food.
-Address a variety of imbalances including digestion.

-Have a personalized yoga program designed for your
unique body and mind.

By Appointment 
In Liberty, Waterville, and Belfast


Photographs this page:
Bottom Banner photo -Shelagh Delphyne
Radah-Krishna - Outisde of New Delhi - Deborah Keene




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