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Deborah Keene
61 Stevens Pond Rd.

Liberty, Me.  04949


Weekly Classes~ The  classes are deeply influenced by Yoga's sister -Ayurveda.
They are designed according to the cycles and rhythms of Mother Nature herself.
Gain a deeper understanding of yourself and be nourished on all levels.

Mornings- in Liberty
Yoga   Tuesday      on -going 9-10:15am         Gentle & Restorative/ Chair Yoga
                           Drop-ins - $12./$10. seniors
  (62 yrs. up)   
For any one - any age -any level of experience - especially helpful if you are new to yoga
and need a "beginner" practice. Good for understanding basic yogic principles, how to move from

the core of the body, and for limited capabilities.
Chairs are provided for those needing more stability and/or
find it difficult to sit or lie down on yoga mats on the floor.

Everyone is welcome, though, if you are wanting a general, overall tonic. Perfect!
The body loves a gentle approach so this is truly beneficial for all.


Yoga   Wednesday    8:30-10:30am   All Levels 
Drop-ins   $15./13. seniors 
This all levels class is suitable for anyone although being familiar
with some of the basic yoga postures is helpful.  
I show accomodations
to help suit any level in class. 
Everyone is encouraged to listen to what the body wants and needs
rather than what the mind might dictate. 

The practice includes a vinyasa or posture flow with some holdings,  breathing practices, meditation, and
restorative poses.  A great weekly boost and reset for you and your practice.

 Early Morning Yoga, Meditation, and Chanting

  All Levels -   Class has ended for the Fall and Winter.  Check back for it's return.
Gentle to moderate
Heart opening asanas, breathing, meditation and chanting
A beautiful way to set the tone for the day.

Evenings- in Liberty
Yoga and More
Classes have ended and will resume in the Spring
Monday 5:30-6:30pm 

For all levels -
A great way to transition from day to evening.


Individual Ayurvedic Consultations and
Personalized Yoga Sessions 
-Come to learn about your unique needs and ways
       to care for yourself. 
-Learn dietary and lifestyle practices best suited for you.
-Learn about the medicinal power of food.
-Address a variety of imbalances including digestion.

-Have a personalized yoga program designed for your
unique body and mind.

By Appointment 
In Liberty and Camden


~Vibrant Skin Care Clinic for Women -   Next Clinic in May


Yoga And Ayurveda for Women - in Belfast
April 22, 9-12      $45.
at the Belfast Dance Studio in Belfast
A monthly Practice for Women-
Yogic Practices and Ayurvedic dietary and lifestyle recommendations to support us
during the changing seasons. Practices to calm and nourish the nervous system,
regulate digestion and the bodily rhythms,


Photographs this page:
Bottom Banner photo -Shelagh Delphyne
Radah-Krishna - Outisde of New Delhi - Deborah Keene

 "When I carve out time to be in your yoga class
I always come away more grounded, more connected
to my body with fewer aches and pains and feeling like
I have given myself a gift. 
Your style is perfect for me with your peaceful and
skilled approach to postures, your gentle warm-ups,
and your words of wisdom."
  -Susan Davies


"Not only did the physical discipline of your classes help me
so did the more spiritual aspects. 
Thank you, Deborah 
May your lovely light continue to touch many souls."
Karen Meisemheimer



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